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Always let the beauty of your voice be heard

Always let the beauty of your voice be heard

When I was 13, my friend Nicholas gave a card to me on Valentine's day. Inside this card, my friend had written "Always let the beauty of your voice be heard." As a 13 year old, I took this literally, and knowing that my singing voice was not desirable, I simply thought that Nicholas didn't know what he was talking about. I didn't dwell on it, and quickly moved on to whatever was important to me at that time. 

Years later, when I thought of the card, I wondered if I had misinterpreted Nick's message. I was painfully shy in those days, and hardly allowed my voice to be heard at all, by anyone outside of my family.

Years after that I started to wonder, had Nick, a 14 year old boy, really written the message? I began to suspect that his mother had been the true author. 

We will never know because I have googled Nick's name and I can't find him on the internet. But, it's ok, it doesn't matter. I know that this message was meant for me, and the fact that I remember it so clearly, 24 years later, when so much seemingly more consequential information has vanished from my memory seems impossible. Each passing year has strengthened the message, my bones have absorbed it.

What do you have to say? Who needs to hear it? How can you get the message to them?

These are questions for all of us. It could be something that you need to tell your brother. Or your daughter. It could be something that you need to share with people who are where you once were, wading through troubles that you have already traversed. It could be something that you need to tell the younger version, or the future version of yourself. You might need to tell someone that you've had enough, or tell yourself that you are enough. Some of us may have all of these messages and more to convey. 

Let's get started!

Always let the beauty of your voice be heard. 

I used a website to translate this message into morse code, then counted the number of dashes (40) and the number of dots (57), arranged these randomly into an eye-pleasing design, multiplied it by four, and screen printed this design to vintage cotton using water-based ink. There are six Sketchbook Jackets featuring this design in the newest release. 

I have been playing around with different ideas for incorporating morse code since last summer. Honestly, I think this originally popped into mind because my partner wears a captain / sailor hat on the regular. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and he looks very cute in that hat, so here we are. 

I wanted to convey the information for those who resonate with the message, while keeping the sentiment completely under the radar for those who aren't interested, or don't want to have to explain it to strangers. To me, this design is abstract enough to look entirely random. Only you will know that it has a secret meaning.

I hope that you find some inspiration and value in the message, and that this work is helpful to you on your path, even if it is simply because you needed more pockets to hold your daily items. 

Thank you for being here.

-Rebekah Joy


Oh! These also have full moon pockets : )