Flux Bene (fluks bennay) is a line of hard working garments and accessories built on the foundation that style and function can exist within a framework free of fleeting trends, worker abuse and gratuitous waste. All pieces are cut & stitched by a small band of independent seamstresses. We utilize thoughtful design to reimagine existing garments and upcycled raw materials into wardrobe staples for creative and kind humans.

The use of hand dyeing techniques combined with up-cycled materials ensures that each Flux Bene piece is one-of-a-kind. The line is zero-waste & gender neutral. 100% of the design & production work takes place in Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Your Flux Bene purchase supports small US manufacturing, zero-waste design and the growth of the slow fashion initiative.

Rebekah Joy & Flux Bene Team

All photos by Sean Carroll