Flux Bene : Positive change through thoughtful design : : :

Hi, welcome! My name is Rebekah Joy. I am a textile artist who loves to be outdoors, and Flux Bene (fluks bennay) is my experimental project in sustainable, humane business. 

In my sunny Pittsburgh, Pa. studio, I create one-of-a-kind textile art in the form of garments, wall pieces, and accessories. With the help of my talented Studio Assistant Lindsay, I reimagine existing garments & fabric through thoughtful redesign, natural & non-toxic dyes, hand block printing, quilting, screen prints and appliqué. 

All of our work is minimal-waste and gender neutral. 

The mission of Flux Bene is to honor and protect precious resources while healing and nurturing through art. We are extremely passionate about reuse. As of February 2021, we have saved over 500 garments from landfills. This number grows each day. 

We are now creating pdf sewing patterns to help you upcycle your own clothing! 

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All photos by Sean Carroll