Announcing our first Conservation Fundraiser Giveaway

Announcing our first Conservation Fundraiser Giveaway


Rebekah Joy here with some news. 

In the early days of planning FLUX BENE, I knew that I needed the business side of the project to be of benefit to a larger mission. Since 2020 we have raised over $8k for causes ranging from arts access to health care. 

I am proud of the fundraising model that we have developed over the past few years because it feels egalitarian, and is truly a win-win for all parties. The most obvious winner is the raffle winners of course, but I feel like a winner too. If I am able to generate donations beyond the cost of the pieces that I give away, that is a huge win for me. I believe that every person who enters the drawing is also winning, because the positive feeling generated by taking action that is in line with your values really can't be overstated. Finally, all of the organizations win by receiving your support and gaining the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with you. 

With this fundraiser, I want to generate donations for small local organizations that are working to conserve and protect our natural resources. I am located in PA, and I have some recommendations for organizations that are in my area. I know that our audience is worldwide though, and I want to encourage everyone to locate an organization in your area that is doing work that is important and meaningful to you. This could be work in assisting pollinators, native plants, rivers, streams, birds, air, wild animal populations, just to name a few. There are large national and international bodies at work in these areas too, but I really want to focus on the small local & regional orgs. 

I am trying something new with this round of fundraising and extending the entry period. Normally I collect entries for a few days, but this fundraiser will be live throughout the month of March. I will draw the winners on Thursday March 28th. 

1. Make a donation in any amount to the conservation organization of your choice

2. Forward your emailed receipt to by 10pm on March 27th

To receive additional entries-

1. Donate to multiple conservation organizations for multiple entries- unlimited

2. Encourage a friend to donate. If you email the name of your friend to me, I will give an extra entry to both of you once I receive your receipts. Unlimited friend bonuses- these could really add up

3. Make a donation in any amount to Doctors Without Borders for two additional entries. Because the awful situation that sparked our October fundraiser is still happening and DWB is one of the few organizations on the ground making a difference every day for civilian victims of armed conflict.

4. Find an organization that you are excited about? Share their info on this IG post to generate more donations for them. Peeps with limited time to research would appreciate your input. Tag an organization that you donated to and receive one additional entry.

On Thursday March 28th I will draw two winners! Each winner will receive:

Any piece of their choice from the March 29th release completely free of charge. I will cover shipping for both pieces- including International shipping. 

On the off chance that both winners want the same piece, the first name drawn gets first pick. 

OR- if there is not a piece that speaks to either winner on the site at that time, they can choose to receive a $250 gift card to be used at their leisure. 

I have added the first 9 pieces of the March 29th release to the webshop so you can check them out. They are Park Frocks : ) I will be adding and sharing new work throughout the month leading up to the drawing. There will be Breakfast Tops, more Frocks, and of course some Sketchbook Jackets. 

Thank you for reading all of this, and for your participation!