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Lake Erie Collection

Lake Erie Collection

The collection that we released last week included six Sketchbook Jackets that were inspired by a recent day trip I took to Lake Erie. I wanted to share more with you about that trip, but last week there simply wasn't time. Those six Sketchbook Jackets have been sold and shipped, but I liked the design so much that this week I made six more in the same color and shape scheme. As an extra bonus to myself, I have set aside a bit of time to share some Lake Erie photos with you. 

Lake Erie, and Presque Isle Park in particular, has a strong presence in mid October. I visited with two dear friends, and we all remarked on the power of the lake (so much like the ocean!), and the sense of winter being on the way. It was an overcast, windy day and we walked along the beach collecting rocks and driftwood before settling in for a chilly waterside picnic.

Visually, birch trees, moss, and subdued greenery mingled with the water, sky and sand to create a stunning palette of color, texture and pattern. I was inspired to create a collection of jackets that carry a bit of that feeling. 

It has been a dream to work with the natural colors and shapes featured in these jackets. Truly, having created 12 now, I am not ready to stop. I can't think of a good reason to put an end to a design that brings me so much joy. Each jacket is still one-of-a-kind, due to the differing base garments, and each back shape being assembled and positioned slightly differently. 


We have been using the collected beach rocks as pattern weights in the studio. They are perfectly suited for this- heavy without being too large. Flat and smooth. It is a treat to have a reminder of that day always in the studio with me.

I did not bring home this rock on which five lady bugs were having a nice time together.

I did wear my Moon Frock from our winter 2019 colaboration with illustrator and multimedia artist Atiya Jones. The pockets were full of beach treasures when I returned. 

Thank you for reading! I hope to share here more frequently about our inspirations, plans, and some behind-the-scenes news. I hope that you enjoy the Lake Erie Sketchbook Jackets as much as I do. 


Rebekah Joy