Gift Card Give Back Program Extended

Gift Card Give Back Program Extended

Big news!

The PG&H Gift Card Giveback Program has been extended, and is now offering a 50% bonus on all gift cards ordered. 

Starting at noon on Monday, July 13th, purchase ANY gift card amount supporting a local maker (like us) and receive an extra 50% value added to your card (while funding is available). That means $25 gets you $37.50 to spend, $50 gets you $75, and $100 gets you $150!

If you already purchased one of these gift cards at the 25% bonus, thank you!! If you want to take advantage of the 50% bonus also- know that you can use multiple gift cards at checkout for the same order. And also, the gift cards will never expire.

If you want to have your gift card in hand for our July 24th release, send me the receipt from your gift card purchase and I will send your code to you before the release. 

The 50% bonus begins Monday 7/13 at noon and will continue until finds are depleted. Here's the link directly to Flux Bene.

And don't forget to check out all of the talented makers who are part of this initiative. There are so many talented artists involved. 

This initiative is through PG&H, a makers' platform created in partnership with Bridgeway Capital with a flagship store in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Thank you as always, for all of your support.


Rebekah Joy